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No One Knows How Much it Hurts
Book Cover design, Watercolour-acrylic illustration, ink illustration

The book is based on a song "The Last Song". This song is originally an OST. of a Thai famous film about an unpleasant life of a transwoman. Thus, this book is a collection of ten short stories from the experiences of real transwomen. Each chapter is named after different lines of the song lyrics. The design of the cover is inspired by the lyrics "Sunlight, moonlight, starlight, glowing gloriously. Unlike me, the weak light from a candle so flickering, so dim, so dark" On the front cover, the woman's eyes are closing and weeping under the candlelight. While on the back cover, the candlelight; the hope she has been holding on to is snuffed off, yet the eyes are awoken. It comes to the end of misery and time to step forward.